A small and cozy reception will expect you on your arrival. This is the place where we fill out registrations, check drivers licenses, organize dives and why not mention it.. take in the cash! Don’t be afraid to come in! 


Wet area

This is where the magic after the dives happen. Each diver is in charge of cleaning their own equipment… if you don’t remember where everything goes, don’t hesitate to ask! 


With all the years of experience, we’ve found the perfect combination of brands for our equipment: 

  • BCD: Aqualounge, ranging from XXS jackets to XL, a size for everyone, even for the smallest ones
  • Regulators: ScubaPro, tough and rough regulators, able to withstand the sandy beach conditions. 
  • Wetsuits: we’ve tried many different brands, but in the last few years we’ve discovered that the best suits are from Cressi, so slowly but steady we’ve been getting the old out and the new in. 
  • Bottles: we have little bottles for the tiny ones with 5L and also 15L bottles for the bigger ones. In between you find  7, 8, 10 and 12L bottles as well and remember we also serve Nitrox bottles.  

Training Area

For training we are able to use the facilities from the hotel. A big pool with a maximum of 1.8 meters depth is the perfect place for any type of training, from the most basic one to the most advanced one. 

Compressor Room

 We work with two types of compressors. One for air (I.D.E and one Bauer for Nitrox)

compressor acuarios
nitrox acuarios jandia


 We count on 3 types of vans – 2 Opel Vivaro vans and 1 Renault Traffic, one older than the other, but all in good conditions and constantly under review to ensure the safety of all our passengers. 

vaans acuarios


 Established in the proximity of the pool of Sotavento Beach Club (the one closest to the bar). There many different ways that lead to the center. In case you get lost on your way, give us a call and we’ll guide you to us. Otherwise, check our Instagram page to check out a video with an explanation on how to get there. 

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