Try Diving

Price: 105 Euros 

What to bring: water, towel, bathing suit, dry clothing (x2), good mood!

Congratulations! You have decided to change your perspective on life by taking a sniff of the underwater world. We all started here, trying out diving for the first time… and trust us, we were all afraid and unsure of what would expect us. But this experience changed our life for good and that is why today we dedicate ourselves fully to be the guides that change your life experience too. 

“Try diving” or “Discovery Scuba Diving” is the perfect one-time experience to awaken your curiosity of the underwater world. Usually, this experience is booked by guests who first want to know if this is the ideal sport for them before booking a whole diving course, but also by those who found out too late in their holidays that they could do something like this and don’t have the time to do the whole course.. or maybe you are just curious to try it out for once (or as many times as you want, for that matter). Whatever the reason is for you, you shouldn’t let this experience pass. 

What will you expect if you book this activity? Well, for starters you will be signing up for the activity by filling out some important paperwork, including a medical questionnaire that will ensure your safety and health in this activity. Consider that if too many things pup-up for us in this questionnaire, you may not be able to take part of it or may have to consult a doctor before performing it. After that, we will hand out suitable equipment for you, which includes a neoprene suit as well, in case you were wondering. Before we plunge into the ocean, we want to make sure you are familiarized with all of the equipment, therefore, one of the instructors at the dive centers will give you a brief explanation on how everything works and what it is. After that you will start your experience in the pool, where you will have to fulfill certain exercises correctly in order to ensure a safe dive experience in the ocean. We place a great deal of value in your safety, this is why we follow this procedure and make sure everyone is capable of repeating these exercises before going any further, but don’t worry if you aren’t able to do it the first time. Our professional instructors are patient and will take the time and effort for you to try it out as many times as you need to be able to take part in this life changing experience. 

Once the pool dive is done, the real fun may begin. We abandon the hotel and go to the dive site (Chupadero Beach), where we assemble all of the equipment and get ready to go in the ocean! Your guide (who takes a maximum of 4 people at a time) will take you on this wonderful adventure where you will discover many sorts of colorful fish and plants, where you will feel like a fish yourself. If you want to, your guide may take photos and videos of this experience too, for additional 10 Euros only! 

If you still have any doubt about this experience or if you would like to book it, feel free to  contact us  at any moment

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Eager to get started? Print out and fill in your form and bring it ready on the first day of your visit to the dive centre.
Don’t forget to fill in and bring the medical questionnaire as well!

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