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Price: at the end of this page

What to bring: water, towel, bathing suit, dry clothing, discovering mood!

If you are already a certified diver, you can sign up directly with us for our daily excursions. We organize two dives per day, starting off with the deeper one and in the afternoon with shallower ones. By organizing it like this, everyone gets a chance to rest, eat and hydrate, which is very important when diving. Sometimes, when we have bigger groups we also organize daily trips to other places on the island to discover a different underwater landscape and other flora and fauna that other dives have to offer. If you want to learn a little bit more about the dive sites in Fuerteventura, click here. 

Once you contact us to sign up for a dive, we will be waiting for you at the agreed time and day at the dive center. We will check for the following papers: drivers license, insurance and your LogBook to see when was the last time you dived and how many dives you’ve done.
Insurance in Spain is mandatory. If you don’t have one, we offer daily, weekly, monthly and yearly insurances. Once you are on-site you can ask for the price. 

The Spanish law does not require a medical certificate anymore since you can declare yourself healthy by answering a medical questionnaire. If there are too many things that pop-up for us, we will require a professional evaluation. Remember that diving entails certain risks, so make sure you are in a healthy state or to evaluate yourself with a doctor for your own safety reasons. 

After all the paperwork is done, we will put your equipment together and head to the dive site, which, if it is your first time with us, will probably be Chupadero Beach. Here, we will evaluate your diving skills by doing a check-dive, which means we want to see if you are able to take your mask completely off, put it back on and clean it without any conflict, retrieve your regulator and check your buoyancy. This is all to ensure your safety at dives that require some more experience. 

If you haven’t been diving in years, you can also start your re-entry with a refresh, where we will basically do the same but you’ll learn from scratch how to assemble your equipment and do a pool dive before you go into the ocean.

Without further ado, we will gladly be waiting for you to give you the best time we can on the surface and underwater. Whenever you feel ready or if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you are curious about the prices for our dives and equipment, you can find them under the following list:  


The more you dive, the cheaper it gets! 

1-. 50,00 €

2-. 88,00 €

3-. 123,00 €

4-. 158,00 €

5-. 188,00 €

6-. 218,00 €

7-. 246,00 €

8-. 274,00 €

9-. 300,00 €

10-. 326,00 €

11. Free!!

Please consider that the prices do NOT include equipment. In case you want to rent equipment it has an additional cost of 15,00€ per dive, which includes: 

BCD/Regulator/ Neoprene/ Mask, snorkel and fins!

The prices for additional equipment or in case you posses some of the pieces of the 15,00 € package are the following: 

Regulator 5,00 €
BCD 5,00 €
Neoprene 5,00 €
ABC (Mask, snorkel and fins) 5,00 €
Dive Computer 5,00 €

Dive Lamp 5,00 €
Boat dives 10,00 €

– Night dive* (incl. diving lamp)  65,00 €
– Day trip* (2 dives incl. transfer)  120,00 €
* These dives are not included in the discount!

Examination dive: 20,00 €

If no complete course is booked or fully completed, the theory classes will be charged per hour.

Without further ado, we will gladly be waiting for you to give you the best time we can on the surface and underwater. Whenever you feel ready or if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to


Eager to get started? Print out and fill in your form and bring it ready on the first day of your visit to the dive centre.
Don’t forget to fill in and bring the medical questionnaire as well!

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