Hello dear Comunity,

I hope you are all well and we all have the Corona crap now slowly behind us! Our Sotavento Beach Club is finally full again and the animation can also give everything again!

Hopefully you follow us on Instagram or facebook for the latest info, it’s definitely worth it!!!

For those who do not do that here is a brief overview:

The diving highlights of the last half year were a Mola Mola (moon fish at the moray reef) and dolphins at the harbor wall under water!

Both highlights with Olivia, dolphins I had here unfortunately never myself, my moonfish is also already what ago…

We had I believe also for the first time a Bubblemaker with us, whose family dives in the third generation with us, that makes us also proud, exemplary for the loyalty of our regular guests…

Our team consists at the moment in addition to Olivia and me from Elena and our “apprentice” Mick, who has already introduced himself well with us!

Very topically, unfortunately, a ligament tear has caught me, so more work for the rest of the team.

Our car fleet has been overhauled and next week our dinghy will come back from Tenerife with a new tube and overhauled engine. Then there is a new steering and antifouling and then it can go again!!!

Greetings from Fuerteventura !

Your diving team from the Sotavento Beach Club

Olivia,Bernd,Elena and Mick

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